Goma: the oil tankers’ association goes on a strike

Goma: the oil tankers’ association goes on a strike

All gas stations are closed in the Goma town (capital of North Kivu) since Friday following a strike triggered by the North Kivu tankers association. A decision taken and communicated in an open letter addressed to the military governor of North Kivu. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The association protests in particular against the administrative burden.

“Given the administrative heaviness that we observe in the harmonization of enforcing the prices of petroleum products at the pump, as we had raised in our memo of January 21, 2023… and also considering several meetings held by you, it was decided today, without wanting to come up against your modesty, to save the little time still available, to trigger a movement to close our service stations to make our voices heard given the disasters we are going through “ the document reads.

The decision comes as North Kivu is experiencing a spike in food prices in the market and economic disruptions in different sectors.

A situation caused by insecurity linked to fighting between the Congolese army and allies and the M23.

The oil tanker strike is likely to make things worse, fear some Congolese, living in North Kivu.

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