Nyanza-Lac : murder of a young man, relatives are still demanding justice

Nyanza-Lac : murder of a young man, relatives are still demanding justice

Relatives of the late Ntirampeba, who died after being heavily beaten up by Ramses Ndayisaba and Augustin Basabose, respectively village chief and representative of the ruling party in Bukeye village in Nyanza-Lac district in Makamba province (southern Burundi), accuse the provincial prosecutor for having released the presumed culprits on the basis of their political affiliation. The alleged perpetrators are all from the ruling party.
The young Ntirampeba died in mid-February 2023. His relatives demand a credible investigation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to sources in Bukeye village, the chief of this village, Ramsès Ndayisaba, known by the nickname of Paré, and Augustin Basabose, nicknamed Mahuba, CNDD-FDD leader on the same village, were released two weeks after their arrest.

They were released by Claver Sabushimike, public prosecutor in Makamba, even before they were brought before the council chamber.

Relatives and neighbors of the missing man say their release was marred by several irregularities, as the young man died from injuries sustained from beatings inflicted on him by the two men.

“He was beaten up in broad daylight by these two men. They accused him of having rigged the scales he used to weigh the maize bought from inhabitants of the locality”, testify inhabitants of the chief town of Nyanza-Lac .

According to the same sources, these two men were arrested but Claver Sabushimike, public prosecutor in Makamba, then hastened to release them.

“He delayed the investigations from the start to protect them from being tried in the act,” denounce residents.

Relatives of the victim accuse Mr. Sabushimike of having acted on the basis of his political affiliation. They suspect him of having been corrupted by the alleged culprits to free them.

They ask hierarchical authorities to take up the case to conduct a credible investigation and punish perpetrators of this murder in accordance with the law.

Aged 22, from the district of Gitanga in the province of Rutana (southeast), Ntirampeba was beaten up to death on February 17, 2023 before succumbing to his injuries. He had settled in Nyanza-Lac as part of his business of selling maize.

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