Rumonge: the provincial governor accused of interfering in a judicial case

Rumonge: the provincial governor accused of interfering in a judicial case

Esco Niyogushima, a nurse at the Maramvya health facility in the commune of Burambi in the province of Rumonge (south-west of the country) and Pacifique Irokoze, a resident of the same hill, have not yet been released despite the decision of the council chamber of the high court of Rumonge on March 13th. The two had been arrested by the police over accusation of defamatory remarks against a nurse from the same health center in Maramvya, Christine Nzeyimana, a family member of the provincial governor Léonard Niyonsaba. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

At the origin of these accusations is Christine Nzeyimana who has reportedly treated the pregnant wife of Mr. Irokoze.

“After treatment, the wife had reportedly had miscarriage. Rumors about a probable injection of a contraindicated drug then circulated in Maramvya”, explained a source on the spot.

Suspected of sharing these rumours, Esco Niyogushima and Irokoze Pacifique were arrested.

Medical sources indicated that the nurse, Esco Niyogushima, was not on duty at the time. He was on recovery leave. They suspect other reasons behind this incarceration.

“The governor, Niyonsaba has a grudge against Niyogushima. He accuses him of insisting that the 9 million Burundian francs embezzled by Christine Nzeyimana be returned to the accounts of this health facility,” they say.

The same sources say that the health authorities are aware of this embezzlement but that no decision to bring back this money has been taken because of the nurse’s parental relationship with the governor.

Esco Niyogushima would then be the victim of having denounced this diversion.

Last Thursday, Esco Niyogushima was transferred to Murembwe central prison in Rumonge.

Sources close to the public prosecutor’s office in Rumonge report that the prosecutor appealed against the provisional release granted by the council chamber in favor of nurse Esco Niyogushima and Pacifique Irokoze.

Medical sources denounce “the interference of the Governor in this file”.

The Governor of Rumonge could not be reached on his cell phone to respond to these allegations. His services told us that he was in a meeting in the locality of Kigwena.

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