Burundi-Rwanda : ruling parties cooperate

Burundi-Rwanda : ruling parties cooperate

This Saturday, the ruling party in Rwanda, the RPF-Inkotanyi, celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary of existence. The delegation of the Burundian ruling party welcomes the significant progress made by the RPF in Rwanda, a praise which, in the near past, acted as insults. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

In Kigali, this Saturday, the banner of the ruling party in Rwanda since 1994 was law in all the streets.

The RPF-Inkotanyi which put an end to the genocide of Tutsis in July 1994 celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary. An international conference was organized for a Rwandan and African introspection.

Among the guests, riling parties in neighboring countries, such as the CNDD-FDD of Burundi, represented by a delegation led by its deputy secretary general, at the same time vice-president of the senate, Cyriaque Nshimirimana.

It was an opportunity for the CNDD-FDD to show off their praise for the RPF-Inkotanyi. “Nobody can deny the economic development, the security in the country, the environmental hygiene, the ecological economy and of course the visionary leadership. These pillars have made Rwanda a reliable and credible country on the international arena”, said Cyriaque Nshimirimana.

And he added, “I can affirm that Rwanda can be a model in these areas in the sub-region and in terms of policy centered on the well-being of the citizen and transgenerational”.

This visit marks another point in the acceleration of the renormalization of relations between the two neighboring countries.

Between 2015 and 2020, the CNDD-FDD party had established itself as a real enemy of the RPF and the Rwandan leadership. Members of the “Imbonerakure” youth league of the former Hutu rebellion took the enmity to the point of hurling insults at the Rwandan president from the border that separates the two countries, distorting his name from “Paul Kagame” to “Paul Kagome”, thus calling him a “proven criminal”. The delegation of three senior officials of the CNDD-FDD party ensures that “the page is turned” and hopes that “the past remains in the past”. It also salutes the warm welcome given to it in Kigali and the fact that the RPF-Inkotanyi thought of inviting it to these ceremonies.

Many officials and pan-Africanists invited to Kigali unanimously recognize Rwanda for its leadership.

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