Nyanza-Lac: two local CNDD-FDD leaders expelled from the party

Nyanza-Lac: two local CNDD-FDD leaders expelled from the party

Thadée Ndayishimiye, district secretary of the ruling party and Mélack Habonimana who led the dismissal meeting of the office of the district council of Nyanza-Lac in the province of Makamba (Southern Burundi) were suspended from the ruling party. According to contacted CNDD-FDD members, the decision came on Monday evening after a meeting of local party officials, influenced by its provincial secretary. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Thadée Ndayishimiye was accused of “attempting to destabilize governing bodies of the district and betrayal of the party by collaborating with opponents of the CNL party”.

He is also in the hot seat for practicing debauchery.

Mélack Habonimana, was accused of “joining forces with opponents to have the decision to dismiss the office of the district council signed in an unknown place”.

The deputy district secretary of the CNDD-FDD acts as interim replacement for Thadée Ndayishimiye.

Our sources say no one had permission to issue an opinion at the meeting.

“It had been summoned for informational purposes”.

According to participants, while all the representatives of the party at the level of the village and zone were present, only Eliezer Ndegeya deputy district secretary of the CNDD-FDD and Gilbert Nduwayo provincial secretary of the party took the floor.

Participants add that the majority of those invited boycotted the meeting.

They explain that Eliezer Ndegeya gave the opening remarks, accusing Thadée Ndayishimiye of all the evils before giving the floor to Gilbert Nduwayo provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD.

“The latter dictated the pre-established decisions to members present in the meeting room of the district”, say witnesses.

A decision which was reportedly influenced by bribes paid by Marie Goreth Irankunda, the administrator of Nyanza-Lac recently sacked by the district council.

According to members who were present at this meeting, “we have reliable information concerning the payment of a monthly amount of more than one million Burundi francs to Mr. Nduwayo, provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD by Marie Goreth Irankunda for the protection of her position. The money comes from district revenues, Nyanza-Lac being among the administrative entities of Burundi which collects a lot of revenues because it is bordering Lake Tanganyika.

Gilbert Nduwayo is also cited among people who separated themselves from the land belonging to the State in the villages of Mwimbiro and Bukeye then exploited by the SANGWE cooperative (dominated by CNDD-FDD members). One of the charges against Marie Goreth Irankunda and the district council office as well.

The same participants reiterate their strong support for the decision of the district council to dismiss the office of the district council of Nyanza-Lac. A measure that took place last Friday.

They ask the Head of State to create an independent commission to investigate the accusations against the office of the district council of Nyanza-Lac to “stop the disorder observed in this district”.

It should be noted that three members of the ruling party who had recently been released by the police were again arrested on Sunday night on the orders of the same district office.

Muvala, representative of the Imbonerakure (members of the youth league of the ruling party) in the village of Bukeye, Mahuba secretary of the CNDD-FDD in the same village and the chief of this village known by the nickname of Rukanga were apprehended by police officers who ensure the security of the district administrator. With the exception of Mahuba who was able to flee, the other two members of the ruling party are held in a cell at the district police station.

Marie Goreth Irankunda who tries to maintain herself at the head of the Nyanza-Lac district has the support from the ruling party secretary general. She was propelled to the head of one of the richest districts in Burundi then reserved for “one man”, which has always been decried, in vain.

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