Rumonge: at least 236 houses destroyed by torrential rains

Rumonge: at least 236 houses destroyed by torrential rains

This Monday, heavy rains fell in several villages in the Kizuka zone. It is in the district and province of Rumonge (Southwest Burundi). The provisional result given by local authorities shows at least 236 houses demolished. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to witnesses, the rain was so heavy that it caused unexpected flooding.

“The flooding overflowed like a lake. Small gutters that the SOGEA-SATOM company is developing to clear the national road number three (RN3) failed to contain the water. It overflowed in homes”, witnesses said.

Residents confirm more than 200 houses destroyed by the rain, several others were flooded. Local authorities have counted 236 houses that have been demolished by these rains.

Entire families tried to save their belongings, but it was difficult, say residents.

SOGEA-SATOM intervened to try to limit the damage.

Last week, in the same locality, traffic had been interrupted for a few hours because of a bridge which had been destroyed by heavy rains.

Local authorities are calling for emergency aid to “rescue the homeless”.

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