Bujumbura: a woman’s corpse discovered

Bujumbura: a woman’s corpse discovered

A body of a woman was discovered on Monday in the Ngagara zone north of the commercial city Bujumbura. It was taken to the mortuary of Roi Khaled Hospital. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

As it can be seen from the photo of the corpse, this woman was probably killed.

On the face, it could be noticed traces of stone blows, apparently. The body was seen in Section 9 of the Ngagara zone. It is in the north of the commercial capital Bujumbura.

It was evacuated by the police in collaboration with the local administration to the mortuary of the Roi Khaled hospital located in the neighboring zone of ​​Kamenge.

Neighbors at the site of the macabre discovery say ‘nobody noticed any suspicious movement’.

They believe that this woman was probably killed elsewhere and her body dumped in this place.

The local administration confirmed that the corpse was transferred to the mortuary of Roi Khaled hospital without giving further details.

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