DRC (Beni): more than ten people killed in a latest attack blamed to the ADF in Rwenzori

DRC (Beni): more than ten people killed in a latest attack blamed to the ADF in Rwenzori

Thirteen people died in a new attack allegedly led by the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) rebels in the night from Thursday to Friday. The incident took place in the village of Bukokoma near Nzenga about five kilometers from the city of Mutwanga, in the capital of the Rwenzori sector in the territory of Beni, in North Kivu in eastern DRC. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The Rwenzori youth sector council’s report states that beyond those killed, several others are missing and several herds thought to be looted.

According to Bernard Muke, a local council official, the rebels entered the village silently. They killed civilians with bladed weapons, witnesses report.

“It was at 9 p.m. when the enemy entered the village of Bukokoma to the west of the city of Mutwanga where they began to execute the population. Around 1 a.m. on Friday June 9, we began to receive messages that a dozen bodies of civilians are arriving at the morgue of the Mutwanga general reference hospital. Given the modus operandi, it was undoubtedly the ADF rebels who carried out the attack. They had been trying for a long time to break into this area, they changed their strategy by breaking into households without crackling bullets,” he explains.

The youth council of Rwenzori sector also speaks of other civilians who were allegedly abducted by the rebels but also of the property of peaceful citizens looted during this recent incursion.

Bernard Muke invites the population to be vigilant.
He also deplores a kind of négligence that has been observed for some time on the side of the security services in this part, which gives more room to the ADF to attack the peaceful populations, he believes.

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