Nakivale (Uganda) : gloom and resurgence of banditry

Nakivale (Uganda) : gloom and resurgence of banditry

There is more and more banditry in the Nakivale camp in Uganda. It is mainly food, household items and kitchen utensils that are most targeted. The population explains these cases of theft by extreme poverty. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Cases of theft are reported in almost all villages in the three areas of Nakivale camp.

“Bandits break into houses, take cooked food or food in stock, mattresses, kitchen utensils such as plates, pots, pans and clothes. They even vandalize shops”, explain refugees.

The most victimized villages are Kashojwa B, New Hope and Kabanza, specify the same sources.

Some have already been arrested but do not spend many days in police cells. “They are accused of minor offenses such as stealing cooked food or even bribing the police”, say local leaders who explain this kind of behavior as a direct consequence of poverty and the high cost of living in the camp.

“Today, as a large part of the refugees no longer benefit from financial aid in addition to the reduction in the quantities of the ration, we expect the worst”, they say, adding that the whole thing is crowned by the bad agricultural production linked to climate change in the region of Isingiro which hosts the Nakivale camp.

Refugees urge the UNHCR and the government to resume the distribution of cash assistance to everyone and to increase the quantity of the monthly ration. “Or that they finance small income-generating projects to support themselves, even if it means achieving self-sufficiency”, they suggest.

Humanitarian organizations do not promise anything, citing the lack of funding.

Nakivale hosts more than 140,000 refugees, including more than 33,000 Burundians.

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