Dzaleka (Malawi) : a pregnant woman dies of medical negligence

Dzaleka (Malawi) : a pregnant woman dies of medical negligence

She had confided in the camp hospital, which left her behind for her transfer, belatedly and without follow-up. Burundian and Congolese refugees demand that their living conditions be improved and that those in charge of the camp hospital be punished for not helping a person in danger. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

She is a Congolese, in her thirties. She was in her fifth pregnancy. The probable date of delivery had passed for reasons unknown to the victim. She then made the decision to go to the camp hospital.

“The nurses told the young woman to wait until the next day so that she could be transferred, despite the fact that they diagnosed her case as critical. As she was bleeding a lot, she preferred to walk to the Dowa referral hospital outside the camp. She fell on the way so as not to get up not far from the camp. She died with her child”, testify neighbors.

The latter speak of extreme negligence.

“Imagine, they told the victim that the paramedic does not work during the night and that besides there is no fuel. They could at least accompany her or give her first aid, and then it was an urgent case, even the UNHCR vehicles could transport her to the referral hospital which is less than 10 km away”, regret the refugees.

In the Dzaleka camp, the case sparked a lot of discussion in the Burundian-Congolese communities and the refugees were furious.

“We demand that those in charge of the camp hospital be punished according to the law for failing to assist a person in danger, otherwise they will continue to neglect people’s lives. And then, they must know that they are there for us and because we are here! They must treat us well, humanely all the same”, they believe.

To calm the situation, the UNHCR and other aid workers have promised to carry out investigations to establish responsibilities. This Friday, a commission of inquiry went to the hospital and questioned relatives of the victim.

Dzaleka camp has only one hospital. Refugees point out that it does not have sufficient equipment and personnel to take care of the health of more than 50,000 refugees from several African countries, including more than 11,000 Burundians.

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