Kirundo : a two-month suspension for the judges who sat in the Christelle Ndayishimiye case

Kirundo : a two-month suspension for the judges who sat in the Christelle Ndayishimiye case

The Minister of Justice, Domine Banyankimbona imposed a two-month suspension on three judges of the Kirundo First Instance Court who sat in the case of pupil Christelle Ndayishimiye. This sanction was communicated this Sunday after a visit by the minister to Kirundo (northern Burundi) to examine the case of the pupil of the Mugendo district high school in the district of Ntega, in the province of Kirundo. The case was characterized by irregularities and distraction on the part of the judges, Ms. Banyankimbona said. Last Tuesday, President Ndayishimiye wanted “those concerned to resign”. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

After the visit carried out this Thursday by the minister in charge of justice, everyone was impatiently awaiting the decision she was going to take.

Two-month suspension for judges

They include Benoît Ntisumbwa, Jean Pierre Sikubwabo and Joël Nibizi. These are the three judges who had held the hearing of July 12 in which the sanction of imprisonment of one year was taken against Christelle Ndayishimiye. She was found guilty of “disclosure of professional secrecy”.

The measure was announced on the ministry’s Twitter account on Sunday.

negligent judges

The Minister of Justice, Domine Banyankimbona, pointed out an error made by the judges of the First Instance Court of Kirundo during the trial of the pupil Christella Ndayishimiye of the district high school of Mugendo. The latter had been sentenced on July 12 for revealing professional secrets in a case concerning exam fraud. The judges, however, ignored the main case, based on the sexual harassment suffered by the victim by the school director, Oscar Nemeyimana.

Christelle Ndayishimiye’s case continues to be the subject of criticism.

This Thursday, Domine Banyankimbona, Burundian Minister of Justice, went to the Kirundo High Court to inquire about the case.

According to a statement by Minister Banyankimbona, she first held a closed meeting with judges and substitutes from the Kirundo First Instance Court.

“The meeting started at 9 a.m. and lasted over 4 hours”, a judge reported.

Only one point was mentioned on the minister’s agenda : the case of pupil Christelle Ndayishimiye.

After the meeting held behind closed doors, the Minister said that the case had been handled with negligence and error.

“It must be pursued with caution”, Minister Banyankimbona said.

In her statement, she said she learned “new things about the case”, including that it started last March and is made up of two cases.

She said she had provided advice to judges and called on them to avoid any negligence in cases as delicate as this one.

After the meeting, the minister pointed out that there had been sexual harassment on the part of the Mugendo high school principal, Oscar Nemeyimana, towards his pupil.

The other case that broke out in July is that of exam fraud involving pupil Christelle Ndayishimiye.

Witnesses on the spot indicate that the pupil was auditioned this same Thursday before the Minister of Justice with her lawyer.

Last Tuesday, President Ndayishimiye had wanted those concerned to resign.

“A judge should in no way behave like a mercenary. If you are no longer able to fulfill your role, you just have to resign. In their place, I would give up the apron”, insisted President Neva in front of an audience of inhabitants in the province of Karusi (center-east) in a visit carried out to receive the grievances of the population.

“Imagine judges clearing a teacher who raped a pupil and condemning the victim”, he concluded.

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