Burundi : the price of the transport ticket revised upwards

Burundi : the price of the transport ticket revised upwards

The minister in charge of trade announced new prices for the transport ticket in the commercial capital Bujumbura and in the provinces, this Wednesday. The price of a bus ticket in Bujumbura, regardless of where you are in relation to the city center, has been increased by 50 Burundi francs. That of the interior of the country has seen an increase of 500 francs. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Minister Marie Chantal Nijimbere declared in her press release that the upward revision of the price of the transport ticket was motivated by the recent increase in the price of fuel at the pump, which occurred on Monday.

Residents report that they expected this increase. “No doubt the prices of foodstuffs and other basic necessities will increase”, regret residents who believe that “we are left to our sad fate”.

Others say they do not understand the government’s objectives.

Civil servants find that the government is seeking at all costs to “recover the funds it has released during the implementation of the salary policy since last July”.

”The prices of all vital products will also follow the same pace”, lament state agents.

The last upward revision of transport ticket prices took place last July. It led to an increase in the price of other products such as sugar, cement and drinks, which still remain rare on the Burundian market.

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