Gihanga : a septuagenarian killed

Gihanga : a septuagenarian killed

An old woman, aged 75 years, was beheaded in Rugunga village, Gihanga district, Bubanza province (western Burundi) by people who have not yet been identified. The police have already apprehended three suspects. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The tragedy occurred on the night of Tuesday September 12 to Wednesday September 13 in Rugunga village.

Jacqueline Nahishakiye, 75 years old, was killed in her home.

“Her body was lying in a bath of blood with her head decapitated with a machete”, testifies a neighbor.

The head of the Rugunga village, Celestin Ruvugo, contacted by SOS Médias Burundi, confirms this information and specifies that the victim’s death would be linked to land conflicts.

The administration adds that three people were arrested as soon as police investigations began.

“Awareness meetings will be organized to avoid cases of mob justice”, insists Célestin Ruvugo.

According to residents, the victim regularly visited the Bubanza First Instance Court for matters related to land disputes. Her death occurred after she had visited her land the day before.

Heavy suspicions weigh on certain members of her family as being the instigators of this murder.

A brother of the victim, in perpetual disagreement with her, according to witnesses in Rugunga village, is currently incarcerated in the Gihanga district cell.

Relatives of the victim demand that the perpetrators be quickly brought to justice.

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