Rumonge: a lifeless body discovered

Rumonge: a lifeless body discovered

The body was noticed on Thursday morning on the waters of Lake Tanganyika at the foot of Nkayamba hill, north of the town of Rumonge (Southwest of Burundi). The police quickly spoke of drowning, but residents suspected a murder and demanded an investigation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

It was the hill chief of Nkayamba who alerted the police on Thursday morning. A judicial police officer was dispatched to the scene before concluding that the victim died by drowning.

Residents question the information of the police.

“It’s hard to understand how the police are anticipating such a conclusion. We rather think it could be a murder. The place is becoming more and more worrying because since September three corpses have been already found there”, report residents who demand an independent investigation.

The police who evacuated the body would have hidden that the body will spend days in the morgue, just the time for identification of the corpse.

In several localities in Burundi, bodies are buried in haste without any investigation being carried out. Ligue Iteka, one of the organizations for the defense of human rights in Burundi denounced in its recent report “an attitude of the authorities and the police to suppress the evidence of the targeted assassinations of opponents”.

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