Bujumbura : singer Olègue is free

Bujumbura : singer Olègue is free

Young Burundian artist Olègue Baraka, well known by the stage name “Délegué Général”, was released today morning. The information was confirmed by his family and his lawyer. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Detained for almost six months for the offense against good morals and desecration of the Catholic Church, Olègue Baraka was released this Friday morning, confirmed his family and his lawyer.

“It is a source of pride to see Olègue free because he had done nothing wrong and the charges against him were unfounded. A singer has the right of expression which must be respected in a democracy”, says one of Burundi’s senior singers.

His lawyer did not hide his joy either.

“It is the victory of justice. Olègue is an artist who has the right to staging, and this is not an offence, which is why judges should be careful in this kind of case”, indicated lawyer Jean Muvayo.

The case for which the young artist was detained dates back to mid-April this year with the publication of a short video announcing a concert which was scheduled for Sunday April 17, 2022 where Christians around the world celebrated the feast of Easter.
At first, he had been prosecuted for “blasphemy against the Catholic Church” for having broadcast a video where he appears with a young girl in liturgical dress.

The offense has changed. He was for the moment detained for “attacks on good morals”.

In 2019, he had, in the company of a youtuber, been detained for “attacking morality and incitement to debauchery” before being released.

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