Muramvya: a member of the CNL in detention for a month

Muramvya: a member of the CNL in detention for a month

Honoré Ruberintwari, a member of the CNL was arrested at his home around 8 p.m. by three police officers under the command of former Mp Rémégie Bazirahomponyoye. It was September 18th. The three police officers and the deputy (a member of the CNDD-FDD presidential party) were in a car without number plate. The incident took place on the hill of Musagara in the commune and province of Muramvya (Central Burundi). The opponent is suspected of collaborating with rebel groups. He is being held in the provincial prison. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

This information on the detention of this activist from the first opposition political formation in Burundi is confirmed by a CNL party official in Muramvya.

“Just after the incident, Honoré Ruberintwari was going to be taken to Bujumbura (commercial city). Following multiple alerts he was taken to the police cell in Bugarama (same province) where he spent the night”, explained this opponent.

On September 19, he was then transferred to Muramvya central prison where he is currently incarcerated.

Honoré Ruberintwari is suspected of “collaboration with armed gangs”.

“They did not support these accusations with evidence,” said a CNL party official.

The opponent appeared before the council chamber of the Muramvya High Court a week ago.

The judges have not yet ruled on his case while the law stipulates that it takes at most three days to render a verdict in such circumstances.

The leaders of the CNL party in Muramvya believe that behind this arrest are hidden political motives and are calling for the release of Mr. Ruberintwari.

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