Makamba: two people killed

Makamba: two people killed

A man named Justin and a not yet identified woman were killed on Monday. The first is a motorcyclist who succumbed to his injuries after being shot by police officers when the second victim was killed by her husband, according to local sources. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The first victim was injured by police shooting at him at the night.

“This biker encountered police officers on patrol as he had a client who was transporting chemical fertilizers. The client escaped, the biker was injured by bullets from the police who opened fire on them” inhabitants of the hill of Mayange where the incident took place, said.
It is in the Bigina area in the commune of Kayogoro.

The administration, meanwhile, speaks of a traffic accident, even if the family persists and accuses the police of having shot the man at the Musasa-Bigina junction.

“[…], he could still speak and told us what happened before he died. Unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries while being evacuated to Makamba hospital”, lament a relative to Justin.

Suspected of illegal trade in chemical fertilizers, the client was searched at his home. Several illegal items were seized there, according to local police.

The second victim is a woman from Siza hill in Makamba commune. She was killed by her husband, Leonard Nahayo. The latter fled to neighboring Tanzania.

Police say they have opened an investigation into both cases.

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