Kakuma (Kenya): glaring lack of drinking water

Kakuma (Kenya): glaring lack of drinking water

The Kakuma camp in Kenya has a serious lack of drinking water. Refugees fear uncleanness-related diseases. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Two weeks have passed without a drop of drinking water in fountains and taps of the Kakuma camp located in northwestern Kenya.

Climate change has worsened the situation which was already untenable in this almost desert part.

“A 20-litre jerrycan can currently be bought for 500 Kenyan shillings. This sum can be enough for a daily ration of a family with pasta with simple sauce. It is truly catastrophic. People can have enough to eat and lack water for cooking, washing or doing laundry”, say Burundian refugees in this camp.

They fear uncleanness-related diseases.

“We are asking the UNHCR to include drinking water among the assistance packages. Otherwise, the protection would not be effective”, they say.

Last July, cases of diarrheal diseases had appeared in this camp, especially among children under five years old. These refugees fear that such a situation will happen again if nothing is done.

Kakuma has more than 200,000 refugees of several nationalities, including more than 20,000 Burundians.

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