DRC: the Maï-Maï want to come to the aid of the FARDC

DRC: the Maï-Maï want to come to the aid of the FARDC

Different Maï-Maï groups have announced that they want to join the regular Congolese army in the war against the M23. This came after President Felix Tshisekedi called last Thursday for general mobilization against “Rwandan aggression”. The message was relayed by several representatives of the civil society in the vast Central African country. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Various Mai-Mai factions operating in the provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu and Maniema in eastern DRC are asking the FARDC to let them help them “fight the M23”. Factions that have already shown interest are Mai-Mai René, Bilozebishambake, Malaika, Makanaki, Buhirwa, Nyatura and Raia Mutomboki.

“The M23 must be fought by all Congolese as one man. It is our right to do so and we are in consultation with other armed groups to fulfill this task”, indicated René Itongwa, representative of the Mai-Mai René .

Congolese army spokesman in South Kivu Lt. Marc Elongo says “the FARDC have no intention of collaborating with the Mai-Mai because our mission is to dismantle all rebel groups”.

In North Kivu where the M23 continues to gain ground, the Mai-Mai Raia Mutomboki and the Mai-Mai Nyatura declared that “we are collaborating with the FARDC in the war against the M23”.

Meanwhile, at least three thousand young people have already enlisted in the Congolese army since the Head of State called on young people to “join the FARDC in order to defend our nation against Rwandan aggression in this war which is imposed by our neighbors”.

Some have told the press that they want to “imitate the example of young Ukrainians who left everything to defend their country”.

Analysts have described these recruits as “cannon fodder”, as the FARDC was unable to repel M23 rebels who have taken over several localities in North Kivu in recent days.

The M23, a former Tutsi rebellion which took up arms again at the end of 2021 criticizes Congolese authorities for not having respected their commitments on the reintegration of its fighters.

The Congolese government continues to accuse Rwanda of supporting this rebel movement, which the authorities of the country of a thousand hills have always denied, accusing in turn the Congolese army of collaborating with FDLR genocidaires in order to destabilize the Rwandan territory.

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