Kayanza: five people detained after the death of a neighbor

Kayanza: five people detained after the death of a neighbor

Jeanne Maniramfasha, 30 years old, was killed last Saturday. The incident took place in the Ruhororo swamp. It is in the district of Kabarore in the province of Kayanza (north Burundi). The perpetrator, believed to be the victim’s husband, has fled, but police have arrested five other people as part of an ongoing investigation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The victim was killed overnight, according to local sources.

“We heard a voice from a person who cried for help. Then it was absolute silence”, report residents.

They say they discovered Jeanne Maniramfasha’s body in the swamp the next day.

Neighbors of the victim claim that she had spent the evening bickering with her husband, Jean Bizimana.

“The latter allowed her to go to her parents’ house during the night. He pretended to accompany her and killed her with a machete in the valley”, add neighbors.

Bizimana has since vanished. He is wanted by the police that, in the meantime, arrested five neighbors of the couple.

The five suspects are held in the Kabarore district cell.

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