Gitega: two opponents in detention for more than a month

Gitega: two opponents in detention for more than a month

Two members of the CNL party from the district of Bugendana in the province of Gitega (Central Burundi) have been in detention for more than a month. They are suspected of having raped and then killed a woman. The concerned parties reject these allegations as a whole. Their party demands their release. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Jonas Nsabimana and Jacques Habonimana, both members of the CNL party were arrested on October 12 at their home. It is the police that apprehended them.

The incident took place in the village of Nyakeru in the district of Bugendana in the province of Gitega. This happened following the discovery of the body of Domine Ngendakumana, aged 37, a single woman with two children.

This information is confirmed by Epimaque Mugisha, leader of the CNL party in the district of Bugendana, who indicates that the victim was killed after being raped. He rather suspects an Imbonerakure who had shared a glass of beer with the victim on the day of his assassination in the same locality.

Domine Ngendakumana and this member of the CNDD-FDD youth league had left the bar together, heading in the same direction, he said.

Mr. Mugisha stresses that the two members of the CNL are innocent.

“They were arrested under the influence of the chief of Nyakeru village for their membership of the CNL party”, he accuses.

He calls for their release.

Nyakeru village chief Juvénal Butoyi rejects all the charges against him and says that the two opponents have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation.

The two members of the main opposition political party in Burundi are detained in the central prison of Gitega (political capital).

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