Rutana: Butezi village chief arrested a month after his dismissal

Rutana: Butezi village chief arrested a month after his dismissal

Vincent Butoyi was arrested by police last Thursday at his home in Butezi village in Giharo district. It is in the province of Rutana (Southeast of the country). According to corroborating sources, his arrest took place after the disappearance of a certain Gamaliel Vyuname from this village. He was reportedly the victim of remarks made on the day of the handover and takeover between the former head of the village and his replacement. The former village chief of Butezi is prosecuted for having ordered the assassination of this man. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Gamaliel Vyuname had, during the handover and takeover ceremonies, denounced contributions intended for the construction of the village office and the construction of the bridge on this village, contributions that have been diverted.

According to our sources, Mr. Vyuname was called on the phone by an as yet unidentified person two weeks ago to collect money he had lent to a person from this village who currently lives in Tanzania.

Since that call, Vyuname’s family has not seen him again. His bike was found on the banks of the rivee Maragarazi separating Burundi and Tanzania.

The man had lodged a complaint with Vincent Butoyi, the then head of the village, against the person who owed him money. That’s why Butoyi knew what to say to set a trap for him.

“He kept a grudge against him following the comments made on the day of the handover and takeover”, said a relative of Gamaliel Vyuname.

A source familiar with the matter reported that Gamaliel Vyuname’s body was discovered across the river Maragarazi.

“His body was in advanced decomposition. He was found at the beginning of last week not far from the Maragarazi on the Tanzanian territory”, says our source.

Vincent Butoyi had been cited in several cases of assassinations since 2007. But he has always benefited from impunity thanks to his position within the ruling CNDD-FDD party in the locality. He was also singled out for arbitrary arrests of opponents in the district.

He is kept in the cell of the district police station of Giharo. Residents of this district are demanding that justice be done.

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