Burundi: less than 25% of journalists have had the press card

Burundi: less than 25% of journalists have had the press card

This Friday, the CNC (National Communication Council) launched the renewal of the press card. However, very few journalists obtained their professional card. The CNC explains some files do not meet the criteria as others delayed to reach them. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Out of a thousand journalists seeking the card, only nearly 240 cards were granted, according to Vestine Nahimana, president of the CNC.

“The cards distributed are still very few compared to the demand counted at a thousand. Many journalists did not get their card because they did not meet the professional criteria to obtain the press card. Others did not file their document on time,” she explained.

For those who have had it, she challenges them to make good use of it.

“[…], this card opens the door for journalists to access sources of information,” Nahimana insisted.

To have this new press card, one of the conditions was to file a work contract and a payment of 15 thousand Burundian francs, as well as the delivery of the old card whose validity has expired.

The new card has a duration of five years.

Since the 2015 crisis sparked by another controversial term of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundian authorities have often been accused of “harassing the media”.

But over the past three years, the small East African nation has moved up 53 places on the press freedom ranking compiled by RSF (Reporters Without Borders) from 160th to 107th place.

The ranking assesses the conditions for practicing journalism in 180 countries and territories.

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