Nyanza-Lac: the leadership crisis continues, residents are thirsty to see the situation settled

Nyanza-Lac: the leadership crisis continues, residents are thirsty to see the situation settled

For months, the district of Nyanza-Lac in Makamba province (southern Burundi) has been experiencing a leadership crisis. Residents were hoping for a solution with a visit from the minister in charge of internal affairs. But it was canceled at the last minute. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to our sources, inhabitants of Nyanza-Lac were impatiently awaiting the arrival of the minister in charge of internal affairs to find a solution to the leadership crisis in their district. It was scheduled for this Saturday, January 7, 2023.

“A lot of us were waiting for the minister. We were even ready to shed light on the shortcomings of which the governing bodies of our district are accused. But at the last minute, we were told that the meeting between the minister and us Saturday is postponed. We’re sorry”, residents complain.

They accuse certain officials in the district and in the province of sabotaging all the ways out of the crisis.

“[…], there are authorities in the province and other officials in the CNDD-FDD party who have an interest in keeping the situation as it is”, they charge.

The leadership crisis in the district of Nyanza-Lac has been going on for several months. The district council dismissed the administrator and her bureau at the beginning of last December, but those concerned are still reluctant to give in. On the contrary, district councilors who participated in the dismissal session of the administrator Marie Goreth Irankunda and her bureau are threatened. Some were held in local police cells for several days before being released, others say they fear for their safety.

The district administrator was recently targeted by a judicial inquiry. No conclusion has been announced so far.

She and her bureau are suspected of having embezzled around 20 million Burundi francs and sold or appropriated state-owned properties.

The Governor of Makamba, local representatives of the ruling party and members of the CNDD-FDD central committee are cited in this case.

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