Kirundo : two men sentenced to life jail for the murder of a woman

Kirundo : two men sentenced to life jail for the murder of a woman

It is the Kirundo court in northern Burundi that sentenced them. Among the defendants, the husband of the victim. The two men were tried in a flagrance trial. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The ruling came this Thursday at the end of the afternoon. Pascal Bizimana, husband of the victim and Mathieu Nsengiyumva, their neighbor, were found guilty of the murder of Patricie Cizanye. She was found hanged in her bedroom on Monday morning. The crime took place in the village of Monge in the district of Ntega, in the province of Kirundo.

The two defendants admitted to having murdered Patricie Cizanye (32 years old). But they speak of “an involuntary act”.

Mathieu Nsengiyumva was sentenced in particular for complicity. He helped the victim’s husband by buying the rope that was used in the assassination. While the victim’s family had claimed compensation of 30 million Burundi francs, the court demanded that the husband of the deceased pay a consolation equivalent to 25 million Burundi francs, his accomplice will have to give 5 million.

According to the governor of Kirundo, Albert Hatungimana, the conflict which led to the murder of Patricie Cizanye arose from the sale of a family plot. She had opposed it but her husband, Chief Corporal Pascal Bizimana gave it up by force.

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