Rugombo: three bodies found in less than a week

Rugombo: three bodies found in less than a week

The resurgence of murder cases on the hills of the commune of Rugombo, in the province of Cibitoke (north-west of Burundi) spark worries among the population. Three bodies were found in less than a week bringing the toll to a total of 22 bodies discovered in the commune of Rugombo in less than three months. The population and human rights defenders are calling for thorough investigations into these murders. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Residents observe an upsurge in crime in the commune of Rugombo following the number of killings in the area. Three people were mudered in four days.

According to a security source and as SOS Médias Burundi was able to observe on the spot, the last victim was probably a young man of Congolese nationality, as evidenced by his travel document.

His body was found on Friday on the transverse road 4 of Kagazi hill, not far from the Rusizi river separating Burundi and the DRC.

Two other corpses, men from the communes of Buganda and Mugina, neighboring Rugombo were discovered respectively on the hills of Rukana and Mparambo 2, Wednesday and Thursday.

According to various sources, the bodies were found in fields, wrapped in bags of corn.

“Which suggests that the victims would be thieves caught in the act and killed on the spot,” say some residents.

Ordered by the municipal administration, the corpses were quickly buried on the spot without any investigation being carried out.

The resurgence of murders shocks human rights defenders who demand thorough investigations. They call on justice to do its job to stop the phenomenon of mob justice.

The administrator of Rugombo, Gilbert Manirakiza also asks the population to “avoid mob justice”.

According to a count by SOS Médias Burundi, at least 22 bodies have been found in the commune of Rugombo alone over the past three months.

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