Cibitoke : a zone chief and a local intelligence official accused of illegal money collection

Cibitoke : a zone chief and a local intelligence official accused of illegal money collection

Residents of the Ruziba zone, in the Mugina district and those of the Murwi district in the Cibitoke province (northwest Burundi) say they are tired of the abuse of authority by the Ruziba zone chief and the local official of the SNR (National Intelligence Service). They demand sanctions against these two authorities. The governor of Cibitoke confirms to be aware of these allegations. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The head of the Ruziba zone, James Ntakirutimana, requires all residents to pay the zone a sum ranging from 100 to 500 Burundi francs intended for the purchase of a motorcycle to ensure their travel.

Concordant sources indicate that he has already raised a sum of around two million on three villages since last January. His collection is going on.

The local intelligence chief, known by the nickname of Buro, holds any trader to ransom during market days at the trading centers of Buhayira and Ndora, respectively in the districts of Murwi and Bukinanyana.

He does not hesitate to go as far as the town of Mugina to extort citizens.

The information received on the spot indicates that the two men, members of the ruling party, are demanding money even from members of the CNDD-FDD.

They are said to be obviously protected by certain dignitaries of the country, as evidenced by the reactions gathered on the spot.

“The zone chief is covered by the chief of staff of the FDNB (Burundi National Defense Force) because he was his informant before taking up this position. The same goes for this SNR official in these two districts who is protected by the high civil and military dignitaries native to the province from the ruling party”, explained an octogenarian, victim on several occasions of harassment by these two local officials.

Residents demand severe sanctions against both men.

“They should be relieved of their duties”, say those who confided in SOS Médias Burundi.

Contacted in this regard, administrators of districts of Mugina and Murwi did not want to react to these allegations.

The governor of Cibitoke says he is aware of this information and intends to carry out investigations. Carême Bizoza invites the population to denounce each time the abuse of authority by local officials.

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