Rumonge : young people banned from traveling to Tanzania and DRC for fear of armed groups

Rumonge : young people banned from traveling to Tanzania and DRC for fear of armed groups

For the past three weeks, young men have been prohibited from embarking for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. They are suspected of “wanting to join Burundian armed groups” located abroad, especially in the DRC. The interested parties denounce a violation of freedom of movement. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The refusal to travelers was not materialized by any written note, according to our sources in Rumonge.

“No written decision has been posted. Only the immigration police that control back and forth movements at the port of Rumonge no longer allow a single departure for young men, and this, for three weeks”, say witnesses.

The injunction is said to have been given by high authorities of the country, according to police sources.

Young people are suspected of wanting to join armed groups including Burundian rebel groups based in the DRC. For those keen to travel to Tanzania, the reason for the ban is not communicated, even behind the scenes.

In Rumonge, residents denounce a violation of the right to freedom of movement. They refer to a measure that does not lack negative consequences on trade and development.

“[…], unemployed young people went to Tanzania every day for seasonal jobs in the fields. When they return, they have a little money to get by. And now they are being refused to go there. The measure has no reason to be”, said residents.

According to police sources, the measure relates to suspicions of a probable movement towards rebel groups.

“[…], it has been reported that young Burundians from the provinces of Ngozi, Kirundo (north) and Muyinga (north-east) are flocking to the DRC. They are suspected of joining Burundian armed groups in the DRC even though we’re not sure”, our sources say.

Provincial authorities have so far not given any clarifications on this case.

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