Busoni: one dead and over a hundred people poisoned

Busoni: one dead and over a hundred people poisoned

One dead, 141 others sick on the Murore hill in the commune of Busoni in the province of Kirundo (northern Burundi). They are sick following the consumption of a prohibited local drink. Residents and the administration suspect poisoning. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

All patients have the same symptoms as the deceased.

“All are vomiting and have acute diarrhoea. And all of them consumed the same sorghum beer this Saturday”, say witnesses.

In all, 141 people have been evacuated to local health facilities since Sunday morning in addition to one death. Three of the patients are in critical condition, according to our sources.

The administration in Busoni suspect poisoning. Health officials say they are doing tests to “identify the vector of identical symptoms for such a number of people”.

The drink seller, his wife and their children are also sick.

The local administration has already decided to ban all sales of sorghum and maize beer.

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