Bujumbura : suspension of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the CNL party

Bujumbura : suspension of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the CNL party

The Minister in charge of Home Affairs and Security has decided to suspend the double ceremony of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the CNL party and the exchange of wishes scheduled for this Sunday, February 19. He explains that this is to prevent any risk of clashes between members of the opposition CNL party – a crisis that could erupt on the venue and on the way of participants. CNL leader Agathon Rwasa says that the issues that could lead to a crisis were resolved in a meeting that took place in Bujumbura on February 17 and 18. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

In a letter sent to the chairperson of the CNL party, the minister in charge of internal affairs and security indicates that on February 15 he had a meeting with the historical opponent Aghaton Rwasa. This meeting focused in particular on “the discontent of members of the political bureau indexed in a pseudo plot against the organs of the party”.

Minister Martin Niteretse recalls that it was agreed that the chairperson of the CNL party would meet dissidents and would inform him of the results of their meeting in order to “reassure him about security aspects of these ceremonies”.

“Unfortunately, to date you have not yet contacted me, which leads me to believe that you have not found an appropriate solution to this crisis. To this end, to prevent any risk of clashes on the venue and on the way of participants, I have the honor to inform you that the double ceremony (…) is suspended”, explained the minister.

He indicates that provincial governors, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura (commercial capital) and the inspector general of the police are asked to enforce this instruction.

This Saturday, the office of the main opposition political party released a statement in which it said that the disputes have been largely settled, pending lasting solutions. Their document speaks of “misunderstanding”.

In an audio recording, Agathon Rwasa informs that the questions which could give rise to a crisis were resolved in a two-day meeting.

“We met this Friday at 3 p.m. and we could not finish the questions that were on the agenda. We met again this Saturday, in the presence of an envoy from the minister. We agreed and issued a press release in which we ask him to let us organize these events because we did what we promised him and it went well”, explains Mr. Rwasa.

And he added, “In addition, everyone has seen a note from the Minister to district administrators and provincial governors. Point number 9 of this note clearly states that they must let political parties organize their activities without hindrance. We, we will ask to have us understood because some delegates have already arrived in Bujumbura. There is no problem”.

The office in charge of communication of Minister Niteretse was not available to react to this request from the historical opponent Aghaton Rwasa.

A well-informed source within the ministry in charge of security told SOS Médias Burundi that “the event will not take place”.

“We know them, they are very clever. They can communicate that the ceremony will take place at Mutanga’s office whereas it will take place in Ngagara and vice-versa. This is why all roads leading to the main offices will be closed this Sunday. No office will either be open this Sunday in Bujumbura”, it revealed.

But Rwasa insists : “it will justice for all of us if we are allowed to organize this event because on our side, all the challenges have been lifted”.

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