Nduta (Tanzania): a young Burundian refugee who disappeared, was found dead

Nduta (Tanzania): a young Burundian refugee who disappeared, was found dead

Mélance Kwizera, in his twenties, had disappeared last week then found dead near the camp and was quickly buried by the local community who demand investigation. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The young man’s friends and neighbors say they last saw him early last week.

“When we saw him, he was coming out of the camp in scout uniforms. He used to go out for prayer time or scouting activities. But that day, it could be that he left for other activities or to look for firewood. Since then, he has not returned, ”they regret.

The bad news spread at camp on Monday evening.

“Tanzanians told us that a young scout was found dead not far from the camp. When we saw the photo, we recognized him. It was Melance Kwizera. They showed us where he was hastily buried to prevent his body from decomposing,” his friends recount.

Refugees claim that this incident, which is part of a long list of enforced disappearances, kidnappings and assassinations, shows that the cohabitation between refugees and host community is not at all good.

The family of the deceased and the leaders of the Scout movement at the Nduta camp demand ind-depth investigations to determine the circumstances of the death.

The refugees denounce the resurgence of the violence against them in the camp hosting more than 76,000 Burundian refugees. Two Burundian refugees were murdered by Tanzanians on February 14 near the camp of Nduta for allegedly raping Tanzanian women who were looking for firewood or going to the fields, local police announced.

Between 12 and 16 refugees are killed each year outside of camps in Tanzania, police sources say.

This week, police representatives in collaboration with Nduta camp officials have multiplied awareness sessions on good cohabitation between refugees and host community.

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