Gitega : a young girl raped, found dead in Bugendana

Gitega : a young girl raped, found dead in Bugendana

The body of a young girl, in her twenties, was found this Wednesday evening in a Eucalyptus grove located in Mugitega village in the district of Bugendana in the province of Gitega (central Burundi). According to a witness, “the victim was raped before being savagely slaughtered like an animal to be slaughtered”. Her identity remains unknown until now. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The presence of the victim’s body alerted several residents of Mugitega village on Wednesday evening.

However, this did not prevent the corpse from spending the night there. It was recovered on Thursday morning by the police and local administration officials.

This information is confirmed by Joseph Nizigiyimana, the village chief of Mugitega who says that “the victim’s underwear was next to the body”.

He regrets that her identity is not known. No suspects have so far been apprehended. But the local administration announced the launch of an investigation. The young girl is said to have been raped before being killed, according to the first analyzes of the local police.

On February 10, two other corpses, that of Joseph Ngendakumana, 50 years old, and his wife Agnès Siniremera (48 years old) were discovered in Masango village in Mutaho district in this province, not far from the river Mubarazi.

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