Cibitoke: a teacher found safe and sound after four days of detention in a secret place

Cibitoke: a teacher found safe and sound after four days of detention in a secret place

Adolphe Ndayizeye, teacher at Karurama communal high school in the commune of Rugombo in the province of Cibitoke (north-west of Burundi) was found this Monday around 3 p.m. According to our sources, it was the National Intelligence Service in Cibitoke who detained him. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to his relatives, the teacher has not spoken since he was found.

“Perhaps he received threats or he is still shocked,” some of those close to him say.

A police source told SOS Médias Burundi that Mr. Ndayizeye was being held in an undisclosed location.

“He was questioned about his communication and collaboration with the Red-Tabara rebels based in the province of South Kivu (eastern DRC). On many occasions, he was asked to accept the facts alleged against him by force. “, it adds.

Kidnapped by agents of the SNR (National Intelligence Service) assigned to the Cibitoke office last Thursday, February 23, the teacher was directly driven to a secret service prison in Cibitoke. He only spent the night there, the local intelligence official took him on board his vehicle to an unknown destination, according to witnesses.

Ahmed Nabil Sindayigaya did not want to comment on this case. But concordant sources say that the teacher was released thanks to pressure from hierarchical authorities in the commercial city of Bujumbura where the central administration in the small East African nation is concentrated.

“The hierarchical authorities learned of his abduction through the media.They continued to put pressure on the provincial intelligence officer,” they say.

Suspected of collaborating and communicating with armed men based in the province of South Kivu in eastern DRC, several people in the provinces of Bubanza (west) and Cibitoke bordering South Kivu, were recently apprehended or abducted by men in Burundian police uniforms, identified as Burundian secret service agents.

Some of them have never been found.

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