Cibitoke: a teacher kidnapped by the SNR

Cibitoke: a teacher kidnapped by the SNR

Adolphe Ndayizeye, teacher at the Lycée de Karuruma in the province of Cibitoke (north-west of Burundi) was kidnapped this Wednesday at the provincial chief town. His kidnappers have been identified: they are agents of the SNR (National Intelligence Service). His relatives searched for him in all the custodies, in vain, and ask the provincial authorities to intervene. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

It was Christians who went to a local parish of the Catholic Church who alerted to the kidnapping of this teacher from the province of Bururi in southern Burundi.

“Two police officers kidnapped Adolphe Ndayizeye when he was standing next to the main road not far from the provincial office. They were on a motorbike,” said witnesses.

The motorcycle headed towards the provincial office of the SNR, according to our sources.

Worried, his relatives alerted the authorities, including the provincial governor who reassured that he would talk about it with the head of intelligence in the province.

However, no outcome has been communicated, relatives of Mr. Ndayizeye and his colleagues say.

“We looked for him in all the custodies, in vain. We even sent someone to check in the SNR prison, Ndayizeye is not there. We are afraid that he has already been killed”, lament those who confided in SOS Media Burundi.

Police sources indicate that the professor is suspected of “communicating with armed men based in the DRC”.

“Unfounded allegations”, according to his relatives.

They say the man is known locally for “being open to everyone and getting along well with his colleagues and neighbours”.

Ahmed Nabil Sindayigaya, provincial intelligence official said he did not know the teacher who was kidnapped in the middle of the street late Thursday afternoon.

Suspected of collaborating and communicating with armed men based in the province of South Kivu in eastern DRC, several people in the provinces of Bubanza (west) and Cibitoke bordering South Kivu, were apprehended or abducted by men in Burundian police uniforms, identified as agents of the Burundian secret service.

Some of them have never been found.

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