Vugizo: a young girl’s lifeless body discovered

Vugizo: a young girl’s lifeless body discovered

Sophie Irakoze’s body (20) was seen on Tuesday. The victim had his throat slit in a garden of the communal school of Gishiha in the commune of Vugizo in the province of Makamba (southern Burundi). INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The dead body was found in the garden of the Gishiha Communal High School. She was in the Social Section II.

Local sources say that the girl had no both parents and that she lived with her grandmother on the hill of Rurambira (same commune). She was reported missing since February 23, according to witnesses.

This information is confirmed by administrative officials at Vugizo.

“This girl was murdered by as yet unidentified criminals. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances surrounding her death,” they said.

In the commune of Vugizo, two young children were found dead on the hill of Gahandu on February 13. Police and administrative sources explained that the two young brothers drowned in a hole on a clay brick manufacturing site.

In the neighboring commune of Nyanza-Lac, three people have been killed since the beginning of this year, including a woman.

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