DRC (Masisi) : M23 carries out violent attacks on FARDC positions around Sake

DRC (Masisi) : M23 carries out violent attacks on FARDC positions around Sake

Violent fighting are going on between troops of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and M23 rebels, since this Friday morning, in the villages of Nenero and Malehe, in the Kamuronza groupement, Bahunde chiefdom, in the territory of Masisi, Northern Kivu, eastern DRC. Concordant sources specify that the M23 rebels attacked since 5 am the Congolese army positions, lying 5km from the city of Sake. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Sake is a crossroads city that opens the way on the Kitshanga axis, the territory of Walikale and the city of Minova in South Kivu.

“Obviously, the M23 is trying to cut this last supply crossing point from the city of Goma, being currently the only one connecting the touristic town to Minova, the rest of the axes have already been cut off by the rebels,” said a resident of Goma.

Detonations of heavy and light weapons have been heard since the morning. They are once again forcing out residents of Lutobogo, Kimoka and Sake to Goma, the capital of North Kivu.

“Scheduled to come into effect on March 7, the ceasefire declared by the M23 leadership has never been respected,” according to Masisi’s civil society.

“The rebels are still launching attacks against the FARDC with the aim of conquering new territories”, denounces this civil society.

Already on Tuesday, March 7, the same day that the M23 issued a press release announcing that it agreed to submit to the ceasefire demanded by the EAC, the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) denounced this violation of the ceasefire. -fire, accusing the M23 of having attacked its positions in Karuba in Masisi and on the Rwindi and Mabenga axis in Rutshuru territory.

Fighting continued on Tuesday and Wednesday in Muremure near Shasha and Kirotshe in the Mupfuni-Shanga groupement.

The rebellion which had warned “reserve the right to defend itself if it were to be attacked” and “protect the innocent civilian population in the case of threats”, has not yet explained the reasons for the taking arms again.

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