Burundi: who is holding journalist Jérémie Misago?

Burundi: who is holding journalist Jérémie Misago?

Our colleague has not been found since last Saturday. This Monday, he appeared in a video saying he is safe and sound without revealing his whereabouts. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

It was at the beginning of the afternoon that the video was sent to his relatives. The journalist seems reassured. He says “to be safe” but does not reveal where he is. He only announces that he will say “what happened”.

In the same “mysterious video”, journalist Jérémie Misago recounts, “I found myself in this place in the countryside without knowing it. I had not planned it, otherwise I would have informed my relatives and friends. He indicates that he could return to Bujumbura this Monday evening or this Tuesday morning.

The colleague appears exhausted, under threat, stressed, tired, apparently fearing a person next to him, presumably forced to recite facts.

In a press release, the Iwacu press group, which did not want to give more details, thanked the police for “their good collaboration”.

The spokesperson for the Burundi National Police (PNB), Désiré Nduwimana told us that “the police are aware of the case, security forces are doing their job. We will inform you of the developments”.

According to a communication expert, the fact that our colleague chose to send a video instead of returning home raises concerns.

“It’s weird. In such a situation, the first thing journalist Jérémie Misago should do is to go home and not to take videos”, said the expert.

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