DRC : the Congolese army accuses Kigali of violating agreements

DRC : the Congolese army accuses Kigali of violating agreements

In a press release issued this Wednesday, March 29, the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo say they castigate the attitude of the Rwandan government. They claim that Kigali is deliberately violating the commitments it made “by imposing war” on the DRC. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

In this statement, Congolese loyalist forces note that Kigali is still providing equipment and men for the war in eastern DRC.

“Faithful to constant violations and non-observance of the commitments made, Rwanda continues to distract the international community and to send reinforcements of troops and equipment to the Democratic Republic of Congo”, says the press release.

In this document, the Congolese army returns to the assault recorded Tuesday in the city of Mweso to illustrate what it describes as “bad faith in the quest for pacification of the sub-region”.

“Remaining in the posture of aggression, its army, the Rwanda Defense Forces and their M23 auxiliaries attacked, on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the city of Mweso in Masisi territory, despite the deployment of the regional force. The ongoing fighting has caused collateral damage and the displacement of populations”, this FARDC press release insisted.

Sources close to the loyalist army note a firm determination to end the war in the east, which only brings grief to the Congolese on a daily basis.

Since the resurgence of the M23, Congolese authorities remain convinced that this Tutsi rebellion enjoys the support of Rwanda.

The Rwandan government continues to brush aside this allegation, accusing Kinshasa in turn of collaborating with the Rwandan FDLR genocidaires by providing them with uniforms, weapons and ammunition with the aim of “destabilizing the Rwandan territory”.

The Congolese head of state describes the FDLR as a “residual force reduced to banditry” no longer representing a threat to Rwanda.

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