Kakuma (Kenya) : a Burundian refugee killed, three others seriously injured

Kakuma (Kenya) : a Burundian refugee killed, three others seriously injured

All three refugees were victims of attacks perpetrated by Kenyan citizens around the camp after road accidents. Those concerned provided paid transport on motorbikes. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

These incidents happened in one week, since the Easter weekend.

Since most of the young refugees in Kakuma camp use public transport on motorbikes, they are the ones who pay the price in the event of accidents.

“The atypical case is that of a young Burundian who hit a Kenyan not far from the camp in the village of Nakoyo. The Kenyan died on the spot and all the villagers mobilized and killed the biker with stones.

He was unfortunate. Three other Burundians almost suffered the same fate in similar accidents but they were lucky to be saved by the police”, say Burundian refugees who specify that those who were seriously injured are dying on the hospital bed of the camp.

They castigate the behavior of the police that did not make investigations to arrest and punish presumed culprits. “It shows that the police are biased. But if they do not intervene to calm the situation, the other bikers have vowed to take revenge, we are fed up and we fear more for this mob justice which seems to be encouraged”, they say.

The grassroots administration authorities (Leaders Block) at Kakuma camp point out that they have contacted the camp administration to get in touch with community leaders from the villages surrounding the camp.

“The idea is to advocate peaceful coexistence between refugees and host communities”, they say.

Kakuma and its extension of Kalobeyei in northwestern Kenya are home to more than 200,000 refugees, including more than 25,000 Burundian nationals.

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