Kirundo : the CNDD-FDD party demands forced contributions to welcome its secretary general

Kirundo : the CNDD-FDD party demands forced contributions to welcome its secretary general

Officials of the ruling party in Kirundo province (north Burundi) as well as heads of departments from the same party are busy and put pressure on anyone to give a financial contribution to welcome the secretary general of the party. According to sources on site, this campaign began on April 3. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Residents of Kirundo province, especially CNDD-FDD party members, lament due to forced contributions to host the secretary general of the ruling party.

“A sum ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 Burundi francs is required. We give the contribution hand-to-hand to the collection officers appointed for this purpose. The contribution varies according to your social status”, says a source from the district of Vumbi.

These contributions, according to our sources in various localities of the province, spare no one. Members from other political parties are also forced to make this contribution, except that those from the CNL are reluctant. “We were demanded via our leaders to give contributions on behalf of the CNDD-FDD. I am surprised because sometimes we are lied tha this decision comes from the upper hierarchy of the party to show good cohabitation”, indicated a former UPRONA party member who joined the CNL.

According to the same source, they agree to contribute to escape the qualifier of “parasites”.

The population as well as civil servants of Kirundo protest against these forced contributions of which they consider themselves victims.

This situation, according to the same information, comes to aggravate the situation of hunger and poverty which prevails in Burundi in general and in this province in particular, certain families having fled recently towards neighboring Rwanda or in districts of other border provinces such as Muyinga and Ngozi.

The official in charge of communication and media within the ruling party was not available to comment on these allegations.

Local CNDD-FDD officials refrained from commenting.

This is not the first time that ruling party officials have demanded contributions from members and other residents who are not CNDD-FDD supporters in Kirundo province.

In the past, contributions were also imposed on residents and civil servants for the purpose of building a provincial office or welcoming authorities from the former Hutu rebellion.

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