Musigati: a decision to destroy 50 sugar-cane-hectares

Musigati: a decision to destroy 50 sugar-cane-hectares

The administration issued a decision banning to grow sugar cane in the Musigati commune’s marshes in Bubanza province (western Burundi). The crop must be substituted with other food crops, according to the provincial authority. Sugar cane plantations owners say they are under shock. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The provincial administration explains it plans to face famine ravaging in families of the area.

“We must uproot sugar cane crops in all the valleys of Musigati and cultivate corn, beans and other market garden crops there”, decided the governor of Bubanza during a meeting held in Musigati commune.

A total of 50 hectares of sugar cane are concerned. The measure has come into force since its announcement, according to residents.

“The communal administration then invited the Imbonerakure (members of the CNDD-FDD youth league) to take action. The party’s youth cut, uprooted and ransacked several sugar cane fields in the Nyamugerera valley,” report witnesses.

And the provincial secretary of the CNDD-FDD in Bubanza to underscore.

“They do not understand that sugar cane is harvested only once a year. Other crops are produced at least twice. Besides, money resulting from this plant contributes to men’s bringing a second wife. The measure is irreversible,” said Alexandre Ngoragoze.

The communal agronomist in Musigati promises that this crop, bearing the same name of the commune in the national language (Umusigati=sugar cane), will be relocated to other areas and to humid hills.

Residents describe the decision as a rash one. They say the crop was very lucrative: “20 ares of sugar cane bring in at least 350,000 francs. The amount is enough to carry on a small business profitable to families and the communal economy”, farmers put.

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