THE DREAMS OF BAREGEYA: when ethnic quotas touch the sensitive cord of ethnicity

THE DREAMS OF BAREGEYA: when ethnic quotas touch the sensitive cord of ethnicity

Opinions differ concerning ethnic quotas in institutions. Unfortunately, the venom comes out when tongues loosen over this. But it is the opinion of François Xavier Ndaruzaniye who pushes Baregeya to dream of a better Burundi. According to the activist, it is Tutsi who are in the services paying well: NGOs, establishments that have a lot of money, etc. So it is not yet time to stop referring to ethnic quotas. As if tomorrow there will be ethnic balance everywhere. Opinion by Mahoro, SOS Médias Burundi

I only see wonders. Small children doing military parade.

Followed by young people and adults, all marched in rhythm like real soldiers.

How proud they are to walk this way.

Wow! We dance in honor of a giant and limping man. Apparently he’s the commander-in-chief. He has a serious face, just watching how ceremonies are going on.

When he speaks, everyone listens to how he teaches love of country, love of neighbor and mutual respect.

Above all, these young people learn languages, sciences, civics, etc. What a providential man!

These children put on caps and clothes stamped with the eagle. Everyone learns. They are very competitive in languages, ICT, sciences etc. Congratulations to this dear gentleman and his eagle.

Dream and shut up!

At the end, it’s a worst nightmare. These children are called “Ibiswi vy’i’kona” (the eagle chicks ), the youth are the Imbonerakure (members of the youth league of the ruling party in Burundi, the CNDD-FDD). Local population, students and civil servants are seated together, forced to witness this despicable sight.

All day long, they are taught divisive lies related to the history of Burundi. A deformation knowingly hatched with as sole reason of showing how the Hutu have always been victims of the wickedness of the Tutsi.

Some poor Tutsi are part of this group and follow despite themselves.

What happens to these people?

These little children who spend a lot of time memorizing the military parade steps come home exhausted. In class, they only have these steps in mind. Their school education becomes a victim of this, even if, it must be recognized, their teachers also have a lack of knowledge.

In high school as in university, seeing good ones is rare. The reason ? The political nonsense that is instilled in them .

Instead of reviewing notes, it’s the rally for the eagle party. A cleverly orchestrated brainwashing.

Instead of working in the fields, they are sent into the paths and streets “to ensure ” national security where they only racketeer poor citizens. As a result, the harvest is poor and the discontent of the population only increases.

Worse still, at the University of Burundi, other students carry out research, revise notes, but our Imbonerakure stand guard. They beat up whoever they want and steal or rape.

At the end of the year, they pass by force. Beware of a professor who would dare pass them a failure. Moreover, the academic regulations are tailor-made. It is difficult, if not impossible, for them to fail.

At that time, most of Tutsi children were following their studies properly. Well, almost well. Some are even abroad. But, they are not only Tutsi all the same.

Really competitive?

How then, on the labor market, will young people who have grown up in these conditions from an early age be convincing?

Who is this entrepreneur will recruit an engineer with an intellectual coefficient close to zero?

Can you imagine a private hospital recruiting medical technicians not even able to give an injection?

Without demonstrating it from morning to night, even a Hutu who sets up a factory will need competent technicians. Do you believe that at FOMI, Musumba Steel, Zion Hotel, Burundi Brewery, …., they will recruit him, just because he is an Imbonerakure?

Even Eagle Water needs knowledgeable and qualified personnel who can move the house forward. If there is an Imbonerakure who skilled, he is of course welcome, but very few of these Imbonerakure who have studied in Burundi have the required level.

Nevertheless, the reality is distressing, since these same companies, highly politicized with an efdedeising taste*, recruit only according to political affiliation and, therefore, the main criterion considered is the status of member of the eagle party.

Dear Hutu, let’s wake up!

During the Second Republic, under Bagaza, we complained about the famous “U” and “I” to distinguish Hutu children from Tutsi during the national competition. Thus Hutu schoolchildren were discriminated. We have come to call this intellectual genocide. With reason.

Dear Hutu, don’t you see that we are digging our own abyss?

When François Xavier Ndaruzaniye, president of the Izere human rights league, says that it is not yet time not to consider ethnic quotas “because where there is money, it is the Tutsis who are working there, do you think we’ll be engaged because of the nose? »

Stop manipulating us. Even Révérien Ndikuriyo, boss of the CNDD-FDD, would not recruit an employee without considering a minimum of skills.

It is not because we sing for him more than we do for the President of the Republic that he would.

And besides, the Arusha Accord does not provide for ethnic quotas in private services and NGOs. Think again !

I know that Ndikuriyo thinks like Ndaruzaniye, and he is even his mentor, but this nonsense only distracts us. WAKE UP!

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