Burundi: the Imbonerakure again honored and solicited

Burundi: the Imbonerakure again honored and solicited

The Burundian president on Saturday praised the role of the Imbonerakure (members of the CNDD-FDD youth league, the ruling party) in securing his country’s borders. Évariste Ndayishimiye also called on them to increase night rounds, believing “where God is, there is also the devil”. It was at the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the day dedicated to the Imbonerakure. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The ceremony took place at the Makamba provincial capital, southern Burundi. The Burundian president was eagerly awaited, as was his speech which praised the role of CNDD-FDD youth league in securing borders.

“Burundi is guarded because we have the Imbonerakure. Anyone who does not believe in it, let him come and violate our borders. He will be disillusioned”, declared Mr. Neva in front of the Imbonerakure, children whose families support the presidential party, officials, representatives of the CNDD-FDD and delegations from African countries.


In the same tone and speaking in the local language, Kirundi, President Ndayishimiye appreciated the work of Imbonerakure in night rounds and asked that the watching are strenghtened.

“The Imbonerakure are able to guard every little exit of our borders. No one can deceive their vigilance. I urge you to stay alert as where God is, there is also the devil. An Imbonerakure not spending nights in rounds is not worthy of bearing this name. A frightened Imbonerakure is not worthy of this name”, insisted the Burundian head of state.

The United Nations and the EU

According to the Burundian president, the United Nations and the European Union have tarnished the image of the ruling party’s youth league members for resisting the invasion of Burundi and the massacres of Burundi citizens.

“The UN, the European Union and some countries still tolerating the imperialist idea have tarnished the image of the Imbonerakure (2016) for contesting that assassins kill Burundians and for opposing the invasion of Burundi”, affirmed the former Hutu rebel.

That year, the UN described the Imbonerakure as a “militia” and “tool of repression of the CNDD-FDD regime”.


For President Évariste Ndayishimiye, an Imbonerakure poor should not be in a country having natural resources.

“Unity is strength. We were lucky because I was able to halt the theft of natural resources by foreign countries before it was too late. Now we will start processing these natural resources ourselves. We are able to care for ourselves […]”, said the head of the world poorest country, where the water and electricity compagny fails to satisfy its only Bujumbura town clients.

Eternal reign?

President Neva was delighted that small kids whose families support the CNDD-FDD activist, came. They are named the “Ibiswi vy’Inkona (Eagle or the emblem of the presidential party)”.

“I am very delighted to see ‘Ibiswi vy’Inkona here. It means you are preparing your successors because in 2060 they are the ones who will inherit power. You will already be old by 2040” the one whose speech was very appreciated by militants of the former Hutu rebel group,

President Neva warmly thanked the Imbonerakure for their progress in their military parade, in accordance with his last year’s recommandations.

This is the seventh consecutive CNDD-FDD celebration of the day dedicated to members of the Imbonerakure league. No other political party is allowed to do so in the small East African nation including former Hutu rebel group.

Several African countries sent delegations in the Saturday’s ceremony or a message of friendship and sympathy.

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