Rugombo: a couple found dead at their home

Rugombo: a couple found dead at their home

Tharcisse Nsanzamahoro (49) and his wife Thérèse Nzohabonimana, 52, were found dead at home this Sunday morning on transverse street 3 in the commune of Rugombo in the province of Cbitoke (north-west of Burundi). The couple’s family demands that the culprits of the double murder be tracked and arrested. The administration confirms the incident adding investigation has started. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to testimonies from a neighbor, the couple with 8 children siblings shared a drink with friends in a bistro the day before.

The two spouses, long suspected of witchcraft, would have consumed local drinks containing poison.

“Probably someone wanted revenge, because the deceased were repeatedly singled out in cases of witchcraft which would have already caused several deaths”, insists another neighbor.

According to a security source, the ongoing investigations have already led to the arrest and detention in the communal cell of Rugombo of three people.They are undergoing interrogation.

Relatives denounce “a double murder against the innocent” and request an autopsy to know the cause of their death.

The communal administrator of Rugombo confirms the information and adds that very detailed investigations are ongoing to arrest all the criminals.

Gilbert Manirakiza urges his people to collaborate with the police and justice during this investigations and shy away from mob justice.

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