Burundi : Burundian authorities canceled an international conference of Christian women

Burundi : Burundian authorities canceled an international conference of Christian women

Burundian authorities announced Thursday the suspension of an international conference of Christian women. It had been prepared by an organization led by an Apostle of Rwandan origin. The minister in charge of internal affairs and security speaks of “abusive use”. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The event was expected to welcome more than 4,000 participants from different continents, according to the organizers who still say they hope that the authorities will allow it to take place. The conference was scheduled to be held in the southern commercial city Bujumbura from September 15 to 17, 2023.

In a letter canceling the organization of this international conference that SOS Médias Burundi saw, the Burundian minister in charge of internal affairs and security, Martin Niteretse, accuses the organizers of having taken advantage of it to “make abusive use of it”.

” […], We have just learned that you took advantage of this authorization to misuse it, which is contrary to what you mentioned in your letter”, charged Minister Niteretse.

Real reasons

Apostle Mignonne Kabera who is expected to teach during the three days in Bujumbura is much loved and followed by Burundians and Rwandans living in their country and the diaspora of the two sister nations of the Great Lakes region of Africa. Before she arrived in Burundi’s commercial capital this Thursday, organizers had asked anyone wishing to support the activity to donate money. Two accounts had been opened for this purpose : an account in dollars and another in Burundi francs.

“Several people in Burundi, Rwanda and the diaspora supported the activity. They deposited large sums into the two accounts. This is the only reason that pushed the Burundian authorities to cancel this activity”, said a follower from a congregation close to the event organizers. It is not yet clear whether the ministry in charge of internal affairs and security will go so far as to “require the freezing of funds already deposited in the two accounts”.

“Our authorities must have a problem. How can we cancel such an event in a country that needs foreign currency and visitors while it should bring together a lot of people. In addition, this is visibility for Burundi. “Recently, even the first lady of Rwanda participated in such a conference in Kigali”, noted a Burundian observer outside the country.

Several Burundian and foreign participants based outside the small East African nation had already traveled to Bujumbura to participate in “Connect Africa Conference 2023”.

Those who talked to SOS Médias Burundi speak of “confusion”.

Last August, at least 5,000 participants from the four corners of the world gathered in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, to take part in such an event.

The first lady of Rwanda Jeannette Kagame was among the participants in this conference where several minds were edified, extraordinary testimonies given, according to a representative of one of the most representative Christian congregations in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

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