Kayokwe : two women detained for infanticide

Kayokwe : two women detained for infanticide

Irakoze Josiane, 19 years old, is detained in the cell of the Kayokwe district police station in Mwaro province (central Burundi). She is accused of killing the baby she gave birth to. Another woman, accused of involvement in this infanticide, is also incarcerated in the same cell. The local police confirm the information. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The incident took place this Friday, October 27. The alleged culprit was looking after her mother, who was bedridden at Kibumbu hospital, in Kayokwe district, Mwaro province.

People became concerned when they noticed that she had spent several hours in the bathroom.

“Sick guards went to check what the girl was doing there. They found that she had already slit the throat of the child she had just given birth to.”

The sick guards alerted the local police. The suspect was arrested, our sources indicate.

The local administration which confirms the information indicates that another woman suspected of being involved in the same case was arrested. She is suspected of helping the girl in the murder.

They are all detained in the Kayokwe district police station cell.

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