Mugamba: a retired policeman died in obscure circumstances

Mugamba: a retired policeman died in obscure circumstances

The body of Melchior Buso, a retired policeman from the Kivumu zone in the Mugamba commune in Bururi province (Southern Burundi) was discovered not far from a police position on Saturday October 8, 2022. Four days after this macabre discovery, the body remains in the morgue of Rutovu hospital (South). The family demands an investigation to determine the circumstances of his death before his burial. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The family of the Burundian retired police officer asks the administrative and police authorities of the municipality of Mugamba to shed light on the circumstances of his death.

“The body of Melchior Buso was found on Saturday October 8, 2022 around noon near a police position in the chief town of the Kivumu zone.
His body showed signs that suggest an assassination. He had blood in his mouth and nose,” say residents who first saw the body. The former law enforcement officer had disappeared the day before.

“He was returning from the trading center on Gishishima hill, located 200 meters from the same police position in the Kivumu zone.

We alerted the local police that he did not return to his home but those responsible for this position remained indifferent,” recalls a family member.

After the discovery of the body, the police dispatched a judicial police officer there to make a report.

Until now, the family refuses to proceed with his burial. It requires a thorough and independent investigation.
The body is in the morgue of Rutovu hospital.

The family remains convinced that Mr. Buso was killed.

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