Rumonge: water shortage

Rumonge: water shortage

Residents of the province of Rumonge (South-West Burundi) are struggling to find drinking water. Sources within Regideso (the company that manages the distribution of water and electricity) claim that springs have dried up because of the dry season. The provincial town is more affected. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

The neighborhoods of Gihwanya-Birimba, Mugomere and Kanyenkoko in the town of Rumonge are sorely lacking in drinking water. Residents are forced to walk long distances in search of water.

Inhabitants of neighborhoods bordering Lake Tanganyika, for their part, fall back on the water of the lake for all their needs.

“We have no choice but to use the water from Lake Tanganyika. However, we are afraid of catching uncleanness-related diseases. We are asking officials of Regideso – southern region to do everything possible to supply us”, say residents.

Regideso employees indicate that the shortage of drinking water in Rumonge is linked to the fact that the springs that supply water reservoirs no longer produce sufficient flow.

Residents fear catching uncleanness-related diseases if this shortage continues.

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