Mugamba: torrential rains caused several damages

Mugamba: torrential rains caused several damages

This Wednesday, rain mixed with a strong wind fell on the Tora market and its surroundings. It is in the Muramba zone in the Mugamba district (Bururi province, southern Burundi). Several houses and market stalls were destroyed. INFO SOS Médias Burundi

According to witnesses, rains damaged several articles and goods constituting the trade in kiosks and stands.

“[…], the rain was so heavy that it demolished kiosks and stalls. There were enormously heavy losses”, say residents.

In addition to the damage to the Tora market, several houses in the Muramba zone were also destroyed.

The torrential rains came after two months of prolonged drought, a situation that has raised concerns across the country. Burundian authorities recently called on leaders of religious denominations to pray for rain.

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