Burundi: a company of the CNDD-FDD party secretary general accused of unfair competition

Burundi: a company of the CNDD-FDD party secretary general accused of unfair competition

Several producers and wholesalers complain about an unfair competition led by Eagle Mineral Water, a mineral water production company bearing the same name. The company belongs to the “Pax Burundi” foundation headed by Révérien Ndikuriyo, secretary general of the presidential CNDD-FDD party. They say they received an order of making room for Eagle Mineral Water as others got threats from agents of the National Intelligence Service (SNR). INFO SOS Médias Burundi

Water business owners lament that the company of the ruling party’s secretary general has stolen their customers.

“The order was given by Réverien Ndikuriyo that all wholesalers who resell mineral water must obtain their supplies from the Eagle Mineral Water company in Makamba (south of the country). An emissary sent by Mr. Ndikuriyo came into my office and gave me a clear message that I have to cut my weekly production by 40% so that Eagle Mineral Water can sell its stock. I was not the only one who received this injunction. Other water business owners have also been threatened”, admits B.N*, director of a company in Bujumbura (commercial city) who preferred not to be identified for fear of reprisals.

The situation is the same for wholesalers.

“I have water supply contracts in several organizations in Burundi. A sales manager at Eagle Mineral Water ordered me to supply the water produced by this company if I want to keep the contracts. I didn’t abide by immediately but an intelligence service officer gave me a call telling me to choose between providing Eagle Mineral Water and dying. I quickly complied. I was also threatened that my bank accounts would be blocked if I don’t obey their orders,” J. H* said.

Same scenario with hotel owners.

“To have customers and markets, you need to respect the order from above about supplying the water produced by Eagle Mineral Water,” said Mr. B*, manager of a luxury hotel in Bujumbura.

SOS Médias Burundi contacted the public relations officer at the “Pax Burundi” foundation for comments to no avail as he declined to comment on this case.

  • The names of people who witnessed to SOS Médias Burundi have been changed for security reasons
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